Boy Is Confused When Troopers Ask For Him At His Front Door, Then They Reveal Surprise [video]


As a parent, one of the most devastating things you can witness is your child with a broken heart. At a young age, children learn the importance of friendships and they are quick to recognize emotions associated with feeling included and feeling excluded from a group. Learning that your child is on the receiving end of bullying or exclusion can be very difficult.

When a young boy named Toxey was getting ready to celebrate his tenth birthday, he was thrilled. He had been anxious for his classmates to come over to his house to help him celebrate, but when no one showed up, Toxey was heartbroken. His mom had sent out 21 invitations and not one person came to the party.
As to be expected, Toxey’s mom was saddened that her boy was neglected by his classmates, and quickly made it her mission to share the devastating situation on a Facebook post. She encouraged parents and kids to accept invitations like this and went on to share how crucial it is for a child to feel well-liked by his classmates.

“I was just heartbroken,” said Toxey’s mom, Angela Andrews. “The last thing you want to find out is that no one cared enough to come to your kid’s birthday party.”

His mom’s post managed to make its way to a group of Arkansas State Troopers, and soon the young boy was being surprised by a line of officers on his front porch. When he opened the door, he was a bit frightened and intimidated by the men in uniform, but he soon learned that they were there to celebrate his birthday with him.

“I was scared but trying to figure out why they were here at the same time,” said Toxey, who got to spend the entire day with the officers. “They showed me how to set off the siren and the horns in their cars, and I got to see the cage with the K-9 dog in it.”

The troopers also brought him a cake, gave him several gifts and even played a game of basketball. The gifts ranged from video games to a razor scooter. Toxey admits that he even cried a little bit because he was so happy that they did that for him.

While Toxey’s birthday started out sad, it turned out to be one of the most memorable days of his life. Surely he will be telling his classmates about this impromptu party. “This is the only party that I’ve had where people came,” said Toxey.

Angela was genuine in her plea to other parents. “If your kids get invited to a party, just take them,” she said, as she knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of such heartbreak.

Commenters generally felt bad for the boy, and some shared their own stories of feeling forgotten…

“When I was turning eight, no one had come to my birthday. Everyone made an excuse for it.”

Those who have been in this situation, never forget it…

“No one came to my 10th birthday party.”

“God bless those state troopers!”