Cafe Owner Lets Homeless Man Wash Dishes. Two Weeks Later, She Can’t Believe Who She’s Hired


The story of a young entrepreneur in Minneapolis, Minnesota who gave a homeless man a job at her cafe has gone viral for all the right reasons. It all began when a disheveled, downtrodden man walked into Abi’s Cafe and asked the owner, 25-year-old Cesia Abigail, for money.

The young woman asked the question immediately on her mind: “Why don’t you have a job, you know nothing is given to me for free right?” The man explained that he had too many felonies that prevented employers from hiring him, so he’d taken to the streets, stealing and begging for money.

Abigail admitted she was working herself to the bone trying to keep her struggling business afloat. She was short-staffed, and could use an extra set of hands.

“So I asked him, ‘you want to work?’” Abigail recalled. “I have a job for you!”

Thrilled, the man, whose name is Marcus, replied that he would do anything to earn some food. Abigail reported that Marcus showed up regularly and on time for his 2-hour shift, washing dishes and taking out trash.

She was shocked that the seeming drifter stuck to the job so punctually and consistently once she gave him employment. She’d hired a very valuable employee!

In turn, Marcus used his earnings to purchase food for himself directly from Abi’s Cafe. “He buys food from my restaurant (HE DECIDES TO PAY) because it makes him feel good!” an excited Abigail wrote. The two also decided to put 10% of his earnings aside so that he could work on saving and creating a little nest egg.

The moral of the story, Abigail wrote, is not to assume a homeless person is unwilling to work. “Do something nice for someone today and don’t judge them just because they out there asking for money for we don’t know their situation… some deserve another shot,” Abigail said.

As news of Abigail’s story spread, she noticed a considerable uptick in business. Marcus was employed in March 2016, and now Abigail says business is booming.

In a recent Facebook post, Abi’s Cafe announced that Marcus has moved on to more suitable employment, but the two still see each other on occasion. “Marcus is no longer working for me as he found something more fitting for him but he still comes around to talk or help me out as he is very thankful for the chance that was given!!” Abigail wrote.

Abigail is encouraging those who are able to give others a new lease on life. “GO and give someone a much-needed chance today you could change a life too!!!!” she wrote.

Abigail says that God has blessed her with her small business. It’s her joy and honor to be a blessing to others!