Eleven-Year-Old Covers Age Two Sister, Taking Three Bullets After Gunshots Erupt at Park. Miracle to Be Alive


A homeless California woman and her children are hanging on by a thread after gunshots erupted in a north Sacramento park on Sunday, April 2. Carrie Joe and her children were attending a little girl’s birthday party.

They were busy helping to set up and decorate for the party. Suddenly, out of nowhere, what should have been a happy celebration became a chaotic battleground.

“Within a blink of a second, there were bullets that started flying,” Carrie Joe told KCRA. Instinctively, Joe’s 11-year-old son rushed to cover his 2-year-old sister as bullets ripped through his body.
The heroic boy is now recovering after emergency surgery to repair the damage done to his young body. Joe, who has hardly left her son’s hospital bed, is overwhelmed with emotion — anger and injustice mixed with thankfulness that her son is alive.

“One [bullet] was in-and-out the chest,” Joe said of her son’s wounds. “There was one that came through the back, and basically they removed his appendix and kidney.”
Through tears, Joe expressed her gratitude for her brave son, whose name she has chosen to withhold. Her gratitude is mixed with deep sorrow that her innocent children were victims of such a random, senseless shooting.

“My son instantly blew cover and went over (to) his 2-year-old sister,” Joe recalled. “He thought to protect her — basically his body covering her.”

“That’s why I tell people he’s my hero,” a teary-eyed Joe expressed. “He protected my baby.”