German Shepherd Sees Dog in Distress, Watch How He Leaps into Action to Rescue His Friend


A dog is a man’s best friend, but who’s to say they can’t be close buds with another canine? In a trendy video on Facebook, a big German shepherd pup comes to the rescue of his closest friend, and it has everyone applauding his kindness.

While out enjoying a heavy snowfall in Tannersville, New York, owner Brian Wagner noticed that his pit bull was stuck. The dog, named Knuckles, couldn’t seem to make her way through a large heap of snow.
“I couldn’t help but chuckle at Knuckles,” Wagner told the Daily Mail. She had ran off next to the side of a dumpster and was apparently clueless about how to get back to where Wagner and his other dog, Kanawha, were standing.

“Come on girl,” Wagner called to the distressed dog, but she didn’t make a move. Kanawha also watched his friend anxiously try to find a way out.

“When she had walked around the back of the dumpster, the snow was quite shallow,” Wagner said. “However, when she hit the thick powder, it didn’t occur to her to retrace her steps so she just sat there.”

Source: German Shepherd rescues Friend Trapped In Snow by CatersTV on Rumble

Kanawha couldn’t just stand there and watch Knuckles struggle to walk through the wall of snow, so he made his move. He quickly hopped towards his friend, plowing the snow in with his body.

With every leap, he created a much easier walking path for Knuckles and guided her back toward their side. “Good job buddy. Good job,” Wagner said out loud to Kanawha.

Once they made it out of the mountain of snow, Kanawha turned around toward Knuckles and barked at her. It seemed like he was completely annoyed by her actions, and Wagner would have to agree.

“Kanawha frequently gets frustrated having to help Knuckles out of jams so it was almost like he chastised her at the end,” he mentioned. “It really isn’t behaviour out of the ordinary for these two.”
As one person mentioned on Viral Thread’s video, “A good friend saves you and is not afraid to point out your bad behaviour.” Though Kanawha scolded Knuckles, you can tell he loves his friend and will always go through high snow for her.

Knuckles has truly found true friendship in her pal, and that’s something to be thankful for, especially when she finds herself in need of his help. If this reminds you of a friend who’s always there for you no matter what, then make sure to share this story with them.