“Girlfriend” Surprises Teen in Wheelchair. Camera Catches Moment She Says These Six Words


Creative promposals are a common trend among high school students. Often, photos and videos of these touching and unique promposals go viral.

Since people have been exposed to many of these promposals featured online, there have been questions of how genuine those involved are once the promposals are uploaded online to be viewed by others. Are the proposers seeking fame and attention more than trying to just catch the eye of the person receiving the proposal?

These questions have especially come to light when a person with a disability is asked to prom. Though it cannot be determined for certain in every single instance, Sydney Morris’ promposal is truly sweet and genuine.
Morris has a boyfriend. Yet, she decided to ask another friend to prom, instead.

She has been friends with Noah Heichelbech since the seventh grade. Heichelbech has Cerebral palsy.
Morris is a junior at Princeton Community High School. She did not just decide to spend time with Heichelbech at prom for a one-time evening of fun, or to earn some kind of patronizing “good Samaritan” recognition.

She has spent every fourth period with Heichelbech as a peer facilitator in a Life Skills class at the high school. The two have become good friends.

Heichelbech is known for his caring and energetic spirit. Morris knew that he would love prom, but likely would not get the chance to attend.
Morris asked her boyfriend if he would take another young woman in the Life Skills class to prom. That way, the two pairs could go on a fun double date to the prom.
Morris wrote on a softball, “Can I steal you for prom?” She helped Heichelbech read aloud the big question.

He enthusiastically responded, “Yes, you can!” He was clearly overjoyed to be asked to prom by his good friend.

After receiving much praise for her sweet proposal and obvious care for her friend, Morris wanted to explain that this promposal was in no way for show or attention. Morris wrote on Facebook, “But this is not about me, this is about two amazing kids who get to experience this fun night! They’ve never been to prom before and I wanted to be different and take my best friends!”

“The fact that people care and want to include me in stuff like this — it just warms my heart,” Heichelbech told WFIE. The video of the promposal warmed the hearts of nearly a million viewers, and we’re sure you’ll love this genuine show of friendship as well!