IRS Scammer Has No Idea He Just Called A Cop, Leads To Hilarious Exchange


When a scammer called up a Wisconsin man Kyle Roder that he needed to pay up now or the IRS would arrest him, he quickly realized that he had called the wrong guy. Roder is a police officer who spends his time educating elderly residents about these such scams. Because of his experience, Roder knew exactly how to handle the punk and expose his lie.

After Roder was told that the police would arrest him if he didn’t hand over his sensitive tax information to the scammer, Roder and his fellow cop Don Henning called the conman back and caught the scammer in his own web of lies.

Watch the video released on Monday. In it, you’ll see Wisconsin’s Eau Claire Police Department’s Officer Roder engage the scammed in clever questioning. In the end, he, along with an assortment of hilarious facial expresses, catches the criminal in his own lies. And it is too great…

For anyone who has ever come into contact with any scammer like this, you’re going to love watching Roder get revenge. Whether you dealt with a handyman like this one from Tennessee who targeted elderly people and did shot jobs or you’ve been the victim of identity theft, Roder will make you proud.

Roder calls the man without pretending to let on. The conman asks him to verify his name and address and then they can get the “fraud” handled. As Roder makes clear, he doesn’t want to be charged with fraud and arrested. And he has got the scammer tricked.

Roder tells the man that if they don’t have his address, how can they come to his house to arrest him.

“How long do I have to get this taken care of before I would be arrested?”

The scammer tells Roder that he has until his telemarketing shift is over. Two hours.

That’s when Roder’s buddy and fellow officer Don Henning comes over with the handcuffs. He’s about to arrest Roder!

At one point the scammer alleges he will “download” Roder’s case files to his local sheriff’s department for his arrest. In response, the officer, who is calling from the police station, gives the scammer a sarcastic thumbs up.

When asked if he could just g o to the local IRS department to solve the problem, the scam artists says “your case file has been handed to us because you’re being investigated by our department.”

The scammer is thought to be calling from the India-Pakistan area although he claims to be at a bureau in Washington, D.C. He also said his named was Officer James Maxwell. Then it changed to James Johnson. And then James Maxwell Johnson.

At the end of the video, Henning appears again and says, “information from the IRS or warrants for citizens based on phone calls like this. This is truly a scam.”

Roder told DailyMail that the police department recorded the video for educational purposes and would not pursue the caller.

“When you follow [calls like these] up, realistically they take us out of the country and out of our jurisdiction,” he said. “But if someone is out of money we will work with numerous agencies – including the FBI and the real IRS – to investigate.”

Source: IRS Scammer Has No Idea He Just Called A Cop, Leads To Hilarious Exchange by internetroi on Rumble

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