Macho Cop Is Walking Down A Hallway When He Spots A Rat. His Reaction Has Me In Stitches [video]


No matter how macho someone seems on the surface, there is always something underneath the appearances that scares them. For example, the world’s most heroic fictional archaeologist, was afraid of snakes – deathly afraid of snakes. Usually the tougher and more “manly” someone tries to appear, the bigger their fear is that is hiding just beneath the surface.

Perhaps, it’s failure at work? Or opening up emotionally with the spouse? Whenever someone is trying to act tough, you can bet they’re hiding their weakness from you. Just look at the people around you, and you’ll know it is more or less true.

So, when a burly police officer had his little freak out moment caught on camera, the Saint Petersburg, Florida police department needed to expose him on social media. But they did not expect this funny clip to go viral as much as it has. And when you watch the tough officer running for his life when confronted with a rat, you’ll probably laugh in your seat. Check it out now…

The video clip, which was originally shared on Live Leak, shows the officer keeping his cool as he walks down the hallway. Then a rat appears from around the corner and runs toward him. Immediately, the cop drops his macho pretense and runs away from it like a little girl.

He flails his arms as the small rodent dashes toward him and into a crack in a door. He leaps back, slamming into the wall behind him, and sprints away from the rodent, which is only trying to get away itself.

Many viewers on Like Leak have shared some ingenious comments about the strange incident. For example:

Andy Naik wrote, “When the officer was assigned to investigate a rat in the police department, he didn’t know it was a real rat.”

“I know what he’s thinking: ‘Dealing with big rats is not my job.’”

“They will never let him forget this moment in his life. They will play this video at his retirement party,” shared one viewer.

As the video was seen by more and more people, it started to get picked up around the internet. Daily Mail was one of the first media outlets to share the story with others. Their readers have responded with some hilarious comments, too:

“Looked like he thought about radioing in for back up,” wrote one viewer.

“I wonder if he was squealing like a little girl?” shared another.

“he can forget about getting a promotion now,” wrote a Singapore reader.

“Just surprised he didn’t shoot it six times in the back as it ran away,” wrote one New Orleans resident.

“Damn that was a big rat I had better let SWAT deal with this,” shared a UK reader.

How do you think you would have responded to the rat it came running at you? Would you have freaked out or responded with a bit more poise and gusto? Tell us in the comments!

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