Man Snaps Photo Of Stranger Saluting A Funeral In The Rain, Then Realizes He’s …


As anyone who has served in the military can tell you, there’s a bond of loyalty between every soldier that lasts long after they’ve left base. This bond even expands across every branch.

That was made clear by Fort Hood, Texas, soldier Kenneth Varnes when he paid respect to a fallen member of the military, even though he had no idea who was being carried to their final resting place.

“I don’t care if they were 80 years old, they were in World War II, they were in Vietnam, they were in Iraq — I don’t care if they were 20,” Kenneth explained. “It’s brotherhood.”

Despite the heavy rain falling down in Killeen, Texas, that day, he didn’t think twice about pulling his truck over and giving a salute to the somber procession as it rode by.

A stranger happened to notice Kenneth and snapped a quick photo of the incredible gesture before sharing it online. Now, the soldier is receiving accolades from folks all over the country who have been understandably moved by his small yet significant action.

As he explains in the clip below, he knew he was doing the right thing long before the rush of supportive comments came on social media. While standing in the grass and waiting for the funeral to make its way out of his view, Kenneth says the heavy rain actually let up to just a few sprinkles — then returned in full force as soon as he was back in the truck.

Take a look below to hear more from the soldier, and let us know in the comments if you would have done the same.