Mom Hears Boy Pray Each Night after Pup Leaves. But Then He Sees What’s Waiting in Backyard


A young boy and his best friend were reunited after an extensive time away from each other, and everyone on the internet was celebrating right along with them. However, this has always been a special type of relationship — one between a human and his furry friend.

Nashville, Tennessee, resident, Ellen Goebel, described in a viral Facebook post how her 11-year-old son felt when their neighbor’s dog was sent away for a year. The day that Bogart, a white English German shepherd Husky mix, left for California was the day that shattered Lennox’s world.
Ellen and her son were told that Bogart would only be away for a short period, but those few months turned into 12 months. It really did something to Lennox.

“She had said [Bogart] would be gone until last July,” Ellen recalled to ABC News. “And he left last April, so we thought he’d only be gone a couple months and my son was already crying.”

The two had formed an unbreakable bond, but their neighbor was a musician set to go on tour, so Bogart had to be sent to a temporary home miles away to stay with family. According to Ellen, “My son has prayed for his beloved canine friend every single night since he left,” and yet, he didn’t know that his best bud was scheduled to return home very soon.

On the day of Bogart’s return, Ellen got her camera ready and her son out of the house to visit their neighbor next door. Lennox was told that there was a surprise for him, but never did he suspect it would be his longtime friend.
When he walked to the backyard, there his pal was waiting for him. “Bogart,” Lennox softly announced as he ran up to hug the pup.

The little guy was left speechless, and even brought to a puddle of tears. Bogart was even making soft doggie whimpers as he wiggled all around his human friend.

Lennox said he wasn’t quite sure what to do when he saw Bogart, other than to drop down to his knees and pet the excited dog. He said, “It felt like Spring break all over again,” once he realized it was actually him.

The downside of this beautiful friendship is that Lennox is allergic to Bogart’s fur, and so is Ellen. If that wasn’t the case, Ellen said her family would have taken care of him instead, but “there is absolutely no way we could keep Bogart in our house for months on end.”

Though it may seem like Bogart is the only dog in Lennox’s life, he’s not. Ellen took the time to explain on ABC News’ Facebook page that her son has his own special bond with their hypo-allergenic family pet, a Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu mix.

“Our dog, Happy, is moody and different than Bogart,” she wrote. “As Lennox told the reporter, he loves his dog, but sometimes Bogart is his best dog friend.”

This story is a constant reminder that true friendship never dies, but only gets stronger with time and distance. We’re so thrilled Lennox and Bogart are finally back together again after a long time apart.