Mom Horrified When Doberman Grabs 17-Month-Old and Throws Her across Yard. But Then She Sees His Foot


Sometimes, pet owners are faced with the heartbreaking realization that their beloved pets may not be a good fit for a family with babies and young children. Catherine Svilicic thought that she was finding herself in this tough position.

It turned out the family dog’s behavior was not out of pure aggression. Instead, it may have saved her toddler’s life.

Khan, a Doberman, was rescued by Kerry Kinder, the owner of Doberinling Boarding Kennels, after a life of abuse. Khan was rescued in terrible condition.

He had clearly been beaten and starved. In fact, talk about just ending his misery and putting him down was discussed.

However, the Svilicic family wanted to adopt Khan. It was only four days after they brought him home that the shocking incident occurred.

The family was living in Atherton, Australia, in 2007, when the Svilicic’s 17-month-old daughter, Charlotte, and Khan were playing outside. Khan seemed intensely focused all of the sudden.

He started to lightly push the toddler. Charlotte was not moving as Khan desired, so he took more drastic action.

“So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a metre,” Svilicic said, “like she was a rag doll.” As a mother, she was horrified by this aggressive act, until she saw what jumped out from under the house.

A king brown snake made its attack on Khan. If the dog had not thrown Charlotte out of the way, it would have attacked her instead.

The king brown snake is listed as one of Australia’s 10 most dangerous snakes. According to Australian Geographic, the king brown snake holds the record for the greatest venom output of all the snakes in the world.

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Khan collapsed after he ran inside to escape from the snake. He struggled through the night but was able to receive an anti-venom shot in time.

Not only did he make a full recovery, but his new adopted family only grew in their love and appreciation for him after saving Charlotte. Khan’s second chance at life amazingly saved the life of a young toddler, and her family will be forever grateful.

-The family had just adopted the dog four days prior. They knew it had been abused and abandoned by its previous owner.
There was an instant connection between the toddler and dog, so what the mom was about the witness would change their lives forever!