Only A Trained Eye Can Spot The Kidnapping Happening In Plain Sight. Can You? [video]


This footage from a hospital, showing a medical student kidnapping a baby in plain sight, is startling. Once you know what to look for, however, it’s fairly obvious.

This closed circuit camera surveillance video from a prenatal center in the Belgorod area of western Russia captures the crime, but many people watching the footage don’t spot it initially. Did you catch it the first time?

While you might be looking for someone creeping along trying to go unnoticed, that’s entirely not the case. The woman walks right through the main area of the hospital with the baby and walks out the door, unnoticed.
How did she do it? Well, take a careful look at the shopping bag she’s got in her hand. Yes, there’s a baby in there. Unreal.

Officers don’t know what the motive is for the woman’s kidnapping of the infant, but reports suggest her own baby may have previously died. Inquisitr reports that the woman had faked her own pregnancy and lied about the stillbirth of the baby.

The baby she stole was born prematurely and was in the hospital longer than typical for observation and to receive treatment while the baby’s mother was discharged and at home recovering.

The nursing staff on duty contacted officers when they discovered the baby was missing and initially believed that a family member had the child. Thankfully, the kidnapper’s family were suspicious and notified officials to report that the medical student had the baby and the infant was brought back to the hospital uninjured. She even put photos of herself and the baby on social media, writing, “Everything will be cool.”

Authorities reported that she had hatched the plan to kidnap a baby, and had a cot, stroller and baby clothes for an infant at her home.

The woman is facing criminal charges for the kidnapping and faces a medical examination to determine if she’s fit to stand trial.

Source: Only A Trained Eye Can Spot The Kidnapping Happening In Plain Sight. Can You by internetroi on Rumble