You Will Cry Watching Military Dad Returning From Deployment To Meet His Daughter [video]


When Lieutenant Dan Haws was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, his wife had just found out that she was pregnant with their first child. After more than seven months in the field, he finally came home to meet his three-month-old daughter for the first time.

We found a very special video on Youtube that tells their incredible story and we wanted to share it with you today. Now, be forewarned: you will need plenty of Kleenex to make it through this video, because it may just be the biggest tear jerker of the week.

Dan Haws is a dentist in the US Navy and received his deployment notice just weeks after finding out he was going to be a father. Away from his wife, he was proud to be serving his country but more than anxious to return to his family and meet his daughter for the first time.

The video was made by Ryan Southwell who documented the hero’s journey and commented that “You can’t help but feel some of the patriotism when he arrives home.” This touching video truly is what makes life so beautiful!
This video has been seen more than one and a half million times and has had people from all over flocking to their computers to comment on it, with people saying things like:
“He deserves every bit of this joy. Cute little gal.”- Sylvia M.
“I got to admit i cried when the dog came out.”- Aaron Ocompo

“This is great. Welcome home and thank you for your service.”- Twirk it Miley

“thanks for you freedom and all the work and now look at us: we are home and we have shelter because of you guys. so, thanks again, so, so much.”- Sera
“This is so sweet! I love this video.”- Anon.

“Thank you for share, this was very beautiful and very touching, the things these guys and girls go through to defend ours/their country, there just not much we can do to repay them but to say thank you.”- Deadly Smurf

“I love seeing stories like this! It’s just amazing.”- Sarah Dwyer

“Very beautiful indeed. When I get home from my current deployment, I’ll be meeting my son for the first time. He’ll be about 6 months old. I’m so incredibly nervous about meeting him for the first time, but extremely excited.”- Colonel Hotshot

“this video just melted my heart away.”- Anisha
“these videos are so heart warming. when i’m sad, i watch one of these videos.”- Ali Casarino
“What a beautiful family!”- Sarah Michele82
“Love it I love when she runs up to him sees his baby girl so cute love the ending. make more videos please.” Annie Curtis

“So incredibly beautiful! The price of our free life here in the USA is given so unselfishly from our soldiers AND their families! Thank you.”- Georgia Rivera
“ARGH MY EYES! Just exploded from all the awesomeness of this video. And this song gets me too. Love your family!”- GR Burke
“ohmigosh i cried so much u guys are perfect for each other!”- Madran Hull

Of course, with this being YouTube, there were a few jokers lurking in the comment section, saying things like:
“Lieutenant Dan, really? I wonder if he’s seen Forrest Gump, before, lol.”- Holy Snackpack
And our personal favorite:

“Yvan eht nioj! “

Have you ever been separated from a loved one because of military service? Please share your stories with us here.