Nine-year-old Kyson Baler is a lovable boy. He is always looking around and trying to communicate with his mother through sign language.

Kyson has an unknown developmental disability which has taken his independence and makes him very upset at even the slightest change. Despite traveling all over the west coast to visit specialists, his parents have not been given an answer as to what Kyson suffers from.

Jessica Baler, Kyson’s mother, said, “He never babbled as a baby. He never said ‘mama’ or ‘dada.’ Tyson didn’t crawl until he was over a year old. He didn’t walk until he was 20 months old.”
Perhaps the hardest difficulties have come whenever she needs to alter his regimented schedule. In April, Kyson was introduced to a new case worker at Journey’s, his development disability agency in Rigby, Idaho.

The abrupt replacement made him very upset and he ran out the door — eventually ending up sitting on the ground in the parking lot. Meanwhile, across the street, police officer Chris Scott pulled his cruiser over after seeing Kyson’s distress.
Approaching the boy, Scott silently sat down on the ground next to him. “He looked like he kind of had a bad day, so I pulled over and I sat down,” he said.

After a few moments, Kyson settled down. Then he began to engage with Scott.

“I just sat there for a few minutes and let him do his thing,” Scott said. “He pointed at my patch and I happened to have a challenge coin on me that had the patch on the opposite side and then badge on the other side. I gave him that and said are you ready to go back inside? He had a smile on his face and he was good to go.”

As the two became acquainted with one another, the case worker Kyson was supposed to be working with took a picture of the two sitting on the ground. She sent it to Kyson’s mom, who was deeply touched by Scott’s compassion and patience.

“He took the time to make sure that he was okay, to comfort him,” Jessica said. “It just shows the compassion he truly had instead of just of moving on past it.”

Eventually, Scott asked Kyson if he would be okay going back and the two joined the caseworker inside. Jessica posted the picture on the Rigby Police Facebook page and it has quickly found its way around the world!

The moment was particularly special for Kyson because he looks up to police officers and has dreams of becoming one. However, Kyson and his mother were not the only ones who walked away from the touching moment feeling moved.

“When I got back to the police department (after sitting with Kyson), I had a smile on my face,” Scott said. Now, thanks to Officer Scott, we can all have a smile on our face.