As a fire engulfed the home of a family from Pickens County, Georgia, an alert Rottweiler was barking uncontrollably trying to wake up his owner. Luger, a 135 pound dog, was yapping away when Lisa Ryal jumped up from her sleep to see what was the matter.

She knew something was wrong because the sound of her dog’s bark was out of the ordinary. “It was a bark to get my attention,” Ryal told WAGA-TV.
What she saw just outside of her room explained why Luger was in a panic. A disastrous inferno near the living room was stripping away a section of the mobile home.

Ryal grabbed an extinguisher to put the flames out; it didn’t work, so her next reaction was to get out of the home. In an attempt to exit through the front door, she succumbed to a burn.

“It was from waist on up to the ceiling that came all across the living room and that is when I got burned and I couldn’t get out the screened door,” Ryal recalled. “I tried a couple times hitting it hard with my shoulder and the screen door wouldn’t pop open.”
Fortunately, the mom of two was the only one home with her pup. Ryal escaped the incident, but “sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her hands and face.”

The Ryal family endured major damages to their home. Sadly, ruins from the fire caused them to lose everything, even the cross that once rested on one of their walls.

However, Ryal was not too worried about some of their losses. According to her, a home can be replace, not the loves of her life.

She was mainly happy to know that her family was safe. If it wasn’t for her pup’s alarming barks, things could’ve ended much differently.

“God was watching out for us because it could have been so much worse,” Ryal said. Her husband, William, said he was also “grateful for that dog.”

Luger truly became a hero that day. He protected his owner from harm, and for that, he deserves all the treats his heart desires. We’re happy to report that according to Ryal, “Luger is fine. He was not injured at all from the fire.”

A family member of the Ryals setup a GoFundMe account last month and have already raised more than $5,000 for the family of five. They’re hoping to garner $10,000 in donations to help with their search for a new home.