Girl Runs Out Of Public Bathroom Crying, Then Mom Sees What’s On Her Legs


Kaya Langmead (left) with her mother Nicole Langmead (right)
While grabbing a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s, Nicole Langmead’s 4-year-old daughter needed to use the restroom, and she let her go alone. After taking much longer than usual, the mother was about to go check, when the little girl bolted from the bathroom in tears. Then Nicole noticed something terrifyingly wrong about her daughter’s legs.

Nicole was dining alone with her children not far from the restroom at a McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, when she saw two teenage girls emerge from the facilities laughing, while her daughter, Kaya Langmead, was still inside. She didn’t think much about the giggling teens until her child came out holding the back of her bloody legs and crying that her bottom hurt.

The horrified 24-year-old mom described that the skin had been ripped off the back of Kaya’s thighs, and she asked her daughter what happened. The frightened little girl said that she had become stuck to the toilet seat. Confused, Nicole marched into the bathroom to investigate, when she found the seat Kaya had just sat on, covered in superglue, according to the Daily Mail.

Nicole told McDonald’s employees about the incident, and they turned surveillance footage over to police to investigate who the prankster culprits were. That’s when they determined that the two responsible were a pair of girls, believed to be between 16 to 18-years-old, the same two the mother saw laughing.

Kaya’s injuries five-days after it happened
Other than a physical description that could fit any female their age, the teens have not been identified, and they may never be held accountable for the injuries that their ridiculous joke caused a small child. It’s taken five days for the girl to get the glue off her bottom, but she still remains red, raw, and emotionally scarred. “She has been in tears on and off since,” Nicole said.

This should also serve as an important message to all parents. Never let your small children go to the bathroom alone. Becoming the victim of a cruel glue prank is the least of the awful things that could be lurking behind that closed door, open to any creepy person in the public. It shouldn’t matter how close you’re sitting to the bathroom door, no small child should go alone for any reason.

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