Thug Busts Into Home, Looks Like This After Seeing What’s Behind Front Door


Joe M. Sotello (left), stock image of a home (right) for visualization purposes only
After deciding to rob someone, a thug picked a Tennessee home and proceeded to break into it. Unfortunately for him, he was in for a bit more than he bargained for – and now, his face is wrecked after he saw what was just behind the front door at the time.

It all started when a small 52-year-old woman, only 4’ 11” tall, from Kingsport, Tennessee, got a knock at the door. Much to her surprise, there was a woman at the door holding flyers for a lost dog, but when she opened the door, things took a turn for the worst.

Without a moment’s notice, a thug wearing a ski-mask came around the corner and grabbed the homeowner by the arm and tried to pull her outside. However, KFOR reports that when the woman didn’t budge, it prompted the thug to push her inside while yelling, “This is a robbery.”

Still unwilling to be taken advantage of, the woman continued to fight back and was able to rip off the punk’s mask. Much to her surprise, she saw that it was a long-time family friend by the name of Joe M. Sotello.

Unfortunately for the thug, things were about to get a lot worse for him as the woman saw what appeared to be a gun in his waistband and reached for a bat that was tucked behind her front door. Without hesitation, the woman started swinging, busting up Sotello’s face in the process.

Before long, two other 18-year-old girls in the home joined in the altercation and were able to help get the thug out of the home and lock the door, but things were far from over. According to 11 Alive NBC, Sotello fled from the property but ran to a home belonging to one of the victim’s relatives.

As one would imagine, he got into a fight there, but this time wouldn’t go like the last since he wasn’t fighting against a small woman. In fact, the man inside the home was able to detain Sotello until police could get there and formally arrest the man for what he had previously done.

As a result, social media has been blessed with perhaps one of the most feel-good mug shots the world has ever seen, and people are sharing it like crazy. Come to find out, the girl with the flyers was Sotello’s girlfriend, who has since spoken with police and told them that she cooperated with her boyfriend and alleges that she was complicit in the crime out of fear.

Although she has yet to be charged, Sotello, on the other hand, is facing two separate counts of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. Although he told the police that he “had been going through some hard times,” the courts didn’t have any sympathy for him considering what he had done.

He is currently being held at Sullivan County Jail on a $35,000 bond, where he is expected to stay until after his trial. Police have also released a statement commending the woman, saying that “despite being at a clear physical disadvantage, she successfully defended herself and her home from Mr. Sotello’s unprovoked attack.”

When it comes down to it, this punk got everything he deserved for what he tried to do. Fortunately, he’ll likely be spending quite some time behind bars for his crimes, ensuring that he can’t victimize anyone else in the future, and the best part comes as he’ll have to start his time there with a rearranged face so everyone in prison knows exactly what kind of punk he is. Being the kind of guy that gets his face wrecked by a woman certainly isn’t going to impress his inmates and his sentence isn’t likely to be the only justice he faces. I see some much-deserved prison justice coming his way, too.