When a little boy walked into his school and passed by a teacher, she was immediately grossed out by what she saw in his hair. As he continued walking, something seemed off with his step, and she looked down in horror at what was hanging between his legs.


On April 23, 25-year-old Dorothy Marko crashed into a tree as she was driving along Highway 70 in Hugo, Oklahoma. The car burst into flames and ultimately she perished.

First responders told Marko’s family that when they arrived there was a trucker at the scene who had seen her in distress and stopped to help. He had called for the ambulance to come and remained with Marko as she became unconscious.

Marko’s sister Linda said, “He was really upset when [she] was laying unconscious. He was up by the gravel kicking the dirt saying, ‘What’s taking them so long, what’s taking them so long to get here?’”
Once the paramedics arrived, the mysterious truck driver left but was clearly distraught, screaming, “she’s just a baby.” They never caught his name and the Marko family desperately tried to find him and thank him for being there with their daughter and sister.

Marko’s mother Brenda added, “At least he comforted her when we couldn’t. I’m hoping he made her feel comfortable for those last couple moments, I’m hoping that he eased her mind a little bit so she didn’t have to go alone.”
After being flown to a nearby hospital, Marko, a mother of two, died. But her family could not get the truck driver and his compassion toward her out of their heads.

Reaching out to several local news stations, they hoped to find the man her mother is calling an “angel.” It did not take long for word to spread and for them to learn who the merciful driver was.

His name is Darrell Cloyd, and he drives with RDF Logistics out of Loraine, Ohio. He was not even supposed to be on the road Marko crashed on when he stopped to comfort her.
Cloyd says he accidentally took a wrong turn and was driving on Highway 70 as a mistake when he saw the vehicle in flames. While other bystanders were apparently remaining at a distance taking pictures, it was Cloyd who rushed to be by her side.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the financial burden of losing Marko as well as for her two children, Jennifer, 8, and John, 5. You can find that page here.

The Marko family is hoping to meet Dorothy’s “angel” the next time he is in the area so they can thank him for his merciful compassion. “With all my heart I want to thank him,” Linda says.